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What now?

We find ourselves in uncharted territory. We're in the midst of a worldwide pandemic which has turned the planet on it's head. Most things that we took for granted in our day to day lives, have been taken away from us. One of them being a thing we love so much, Football.

First of all I want to go on record as stating that I firmly agree with all the decisions which are being made by the governing bodies around the world. This is a serious issue which is evident by the amount of fatalities experienced in China, Iran and Italy. As this Virus spreads so does its death count, and even though to the majority of us, these numbers are statistics, to someone else it's their parent, brother, daughter or loved one. It does make you realise what the important things in the world are, and football, particularly Liverpool which at times feels like the most important thing on the planet, comes second best to this situation. Football will come back, Liverpool will play in front of Anfield again, but when you lose someone, they're gone from your life forever. We can't forget this.

Today the Premier league hierarchy will meet to discuss the future of the season. Which brings me to the subject of what I hope will be the outcome. I think we can all agree that we want to see the return of football as we know it, as soon as possible if safe to do so. There are rumours of allowing the season to continue behind closed doors at neutral grounds, and with UEFA officially postponing the euros till the summer of 2021, this gives all clubs the breathing space to complete the current season by the end of June.

Personally I would prefer to hold back on playing the games behind closed doors. It's a difficult situation due to not being able to know for sure when all this is going to clear. It could be a month, it could be 6 months, nobody can really know. But I would like to see the premier league have a cut off point, being mid May. If before the middle of May, the worst of the virus has passed, things are looking much better, people are again allowed to interact with each other and life is set to get back to normal, then you allow the fans back into the stadiums. Get the league back underway, but only if safe to do so. You play 3 games a week, strictly domestic league games only, and you finish the league in 5 weeks time. 2019/20 season is over, summer holidays, and put this season and virus behind us.

If this isn't the case, and the virus is still in full effect at this cut off point, then I believe they should draw the season to a close as it stands. Whatever position you are in at that moment is your final position. Obviously there are teams who haven't played as many games as others, and I do believe they should be given the opportunity to play that game, with the result having huge ramifications on next season for both Villa and Sheffield. I suggest this game, as well as city vs arsenal, be played before the new season begins, whenever that may be. Same goes for the championship playoffs, to be played before the new season, when football is safe to resume. The sides in the relegation zone will be relegated. A lot of people may suggest that's unfair, in a way it is, but at the same time the people suffering from this virus have a far worse fate. If you don't like it, you should have been better in the 29 games you did play. Over 75% of the season has been played, in my opinion that's more than enough football for this scenario.

I don't think the null/void season should even be an option. It's the most ridiculous call I have ever heard. I could understand it, if we were 6 games in. But most teams only have 9 games left. It's not fair on anyone to say all the hard work you've put in so far has been for nothing. It's not fair on the fans who have spent money all season following and supporting their team. It's not fair on the sides looking to come up who have spent money wisely and worked their ass off for their dream of playing in the PL. It's not fair for the teams who deserve to be relegated, to stay in the league for another season and get all the tv rights money. It's not fair on Sheffield United, who could actually be playing champions league football next season if they win their game in hand and City's ban is upheld. It's not fair on Leicester who have been the third best team in the league all season without a doubt. And ultimately it would be the biggest injustice in professional sport that I've seen in my lifetime to not hand Liverpool the trophy after winning 27 games out of 29. I read the other day somewhere on sky sports, twice since the second world war has a professional league been cut short around the world. On both occasions the league standings were upheld from that point. Meaning first at the time was crowned champions.

But at the end of the day, whatever happens with football, that decision won't end the world. As long as we make it through this pandemic, then so will Liverpool football club. There will be football again, there will be trophies in the future. And remember to respect the guidelines put out by our government, they're in place for the good of everyone. If everybody does the right thing, the sooner we can get through this testing time, and get back to the things we love.


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