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The Spurs Review

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The after math of another special game at Anfield, a nerve racking second half is an understatement! You could be forgiven for thinking that we had given serious advantage to city in the title race. Quick calculations were running through my head, of how we could catch city if we draw, and justifying that another point isn’t that bad. Then a miracle happens, some will call it luck, some may call it fate, but I don’t give a fuck what it is, were top of the league again. 79 points with 6 games to go, what an unbelievable season so far, with 6 mega battles to go, and of course a few more in the champions league- hopefully 5. The signs are there, Liverpool genuinely have a side that is worthy and capable of winning a premier league title. Yes, we were extremely fortunate from some terrible goalkeeping and shocking defending from Aldeirweireld, but a common trait is appearing at Anfield, in front of the Kop. Which is opposition goalkeepers are making awful mistakes in the final minutes of the game, and why is this? Because they’re fucking shitting themselves. They’re desperate to get their team across the line. They don’t want to give us another corner. They don’t want to catch the ball because they need to waste time. They don’t want to clear it out the box to invite more waves of attack, and it’s all because we are BOSS. Even when we’re not playing well. Of course the obvious one that comes to mind is Pickford’s error in the derby, a game which I believe, gave us the first real glimpse that we could be lifting the trophy come may. A game that proved to be the catalyst for a perfect month in December. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe we went on a 7 game winning streak in the premier league after that game. So will this Lloris plunder and last gasp winner against spurs prove to be the same, I sure hope so. With 6 games to go, the finish line is in sight. The next test is Southampton away, a team that are certainly in good form at the moment after a few good wins. Im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Good, because maybe the pressure is off them a little bit. They won’t be as desperate to pick up anything against us as they would be, say if they lost those games. Granted they’re still in a relegation battle, and will certainly be up for a fight, but maybe just not as much. Bad, because they are playing well, have confidence, and the fans will be right up for it, given its a Friday night game. It remains to be seen, but we are in great shape. The manner of that win against Tottenham, I believe, has put us in better stead for this title run in than a 4 nil smashing of them would have, as crazy as it sounds. Our lads, and certainly us as fans, now know that we are going to have to fight for absolutely everything from now to the last second of this season, to get to where we want. We have to keep believing no matter what. Even if we’re playing poorly, even if we’re making schoolboy errors and missing opportunities, we have to keep believing and keep going. Because as we proved against spurs, it’s never over until the fat lady sings. Personally I can’t wait for this game on Friday, I just want the games to come thick and fast now. The momentum is with us, the belief is growing and becoming more of a reality than a hope. A lot rests on city dropping points, I believe they will, but it won’t count for anything unless we win our games, and like Klopp and the boys have been preaching all season, we take it one game at a time. Try not to get too far ahead of ourselves, and come the 12th May, when we play wolves at Anfield, hopefully that one game, will prove to be the game that brings it home. I just got too far ahead of myself. C'mon you red men!

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