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The Run In analysis

It's a cliche in football, you take it one game at a time, but like most cliches, it rings true. It's hard not to get carried away as fans. It takes over your mind at every opportunity. At night you toss and turn in bed, thinking about the next game. I know I certainly have the past few days. Spending every spare moment to scour the internet in search of articles about how great my team is. Jumping into the rabbit hole of youtube, watching every video I can. Where pundits and supporters talk of Liverpools title credentials. It's an obsession, and the further and further I go into said rabbit hole, one thing keeps popping up which I can't ignore. Which is our next 6 fixtures in the premier league. Normally I am really biased towards Liverpool and our fixtures. What I mean by that is, it always seems to me that our fixtures are more difficult than everyone else's. A prime example of this was very recently. After our midweek heroics over in Munich, we found our next opponents to be Fulham away from home. I thought to myself, just our fucking luck, facing a team desperately fighting in the relegation battle, with a new manager, after a big game midweek. Don't get me wrong, I was very confident we would win, but I certainly saw it as a difficult fixture. Fast forward two weeks, returning from the international break and City have the exact same game, away from home and everything. But my mentality had shifted, just our fucking luck, City get a team destined for relegation when we put some pressure on them. So this is my usual outlook on upcoming games. Though with the remaining fixtures, I find myself with a different point of view.

With 3 home games, and 3 away fixtures at St Marys, Cardiff and St James' Park, I look at ours games quite favourable. That isn't me underestimating our opponents, and not for one second do I think we will cruise to victory in any of those games. But if we take our season so far as anything to go by, I predict a very healthy points tally. Our trickiest game on paper is obviously Chelsea at home. One that still gives me nightmares, as I'm sure it will for you. Very similar circumstances make this game eery. Of course there's a big game this Friday night to overcome first, and a midweek champions league clash with porto at Anfield. It seems as though every week, we say the same thing, if we can just get through these games, I think we'll do it. Though I must admit, I think the next 10 days will be what makes or breaks us. Chelsea aren't in a very good moment right now. I've watched a few of their games in recent weeks and it seems as though hazard is the only reason why they're still challenging top four. Their defence looks slow and tired, like age has caught up with them. Kante who used to be a nightmare, breaking up everything between the lines of midfield and defence, has been pushed on, to a more box to box midfielder, rather than a DM. By all accounts I think they are there for the taking, but we never seem to do well against Chelsea, results wise. It's always a 1-1 draw, or we get beat. Hendo's stunner at the bridge is the last time I can remember having any joy against them, and of course the media are going to have a frenzy selling the Gerrard slip, and our eventual loss of the title in this exact same game. But if we come away with 6 points, and a good win at home against porto, the belief that this will be our year, will be through the roof. With good reason. Obviously very difficult games will still be ahead, but we're a very difficult team to play. Couple that with City's run in, and I really do have a lot of confidence. City play Cardiff tonight, which I can safely presume will be an easy win for them, adding a few more goals to their GD. But after that game they have Brighton (FAC), Spurs (CL), Palace (PL), Spurs (CL), Spurs (PL), United (PL), Burnley (PL), possible SF CL, Leicester, possible 2nd leg SF CL and Brighton last game of the season away. Hopefully Brighton are still in a relegation battle for that one. I know City are an excellent side, with an unbelievable squad. But one thing is certain, thank fuck that isn't our run in. If they do come out of that unscathed, well you just have to tip your hat to them. They won't though. We just have to make sure, we make any slip ups count. It's exciting times, and I can't wait for Friday night. The boys look like they're in high spirits, rightfully so, and they'll be right up for this next test against the saints. YNWA!

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