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The Post Match Review - Saints

It's the result we wanted, not so much the performance. I had looked forward for this game all week, knowing and expecting a battle was upon us, but predicting the lads would be right at it from the get go. The first 5 minutes I thought we looked good, a few delicate first touches, some nice passages of interplay, composed on the ball. A great start I thought, now to turn it up a notch. Turn it up, we did not. We looked so casual about everything we were doing, I understand they were relaxed and confident but that doesn't excuse intensity and hunger. Southampton looked like they wanted it more than we did. I was pulling me hair out, how can a team who are 16th and 5 points clear of relegation want to win this game more than us? They completely over ran the midfield, cutting through them with ease. It seemed like they were just walking through at will at some points. However, even with us playing so poorly, we did create a few goalscoring opportunities. Mane had two headers he just didn't quite connect with properly, and of course there was Keita opening his Liverpool goalscoring account to draw us level. As the first half came to an end, I found myself thinking thank fuck that's over. Second half changes in our performance levels were drastically needed, and as the lads came out onto the pitch for kick off, they looked like they were up for it. 10 minutes later and it was the exact same story as the first half, the midfield being steamrolled, Southampton just had more energy and were fighting for every scrap they could get. I'd seen enough of it, and thankfully so had Klopp, making some much needed substitutions. Hendo and Millie replacing Gini and Trent, with Millie slotting in at right back. Straight away, you saw the difference in leadership on the pitch. Hendo lifting his compatriots up, and injecting some adrenaline into the middle of the park. He was up for it, ready for the fight and it changed our dynamic. We began to gain more control in the game, and started getting into much more dangerous positions. But the ball just wouldn't seem to fall right for us, it was always just a stretch too far or caught in-between the feet. Then the little pharaoh appeared, and danced his way down the nile, slotting into the bottom bin. From the moment the lad picked up the ball, he only had one thing in mind, the back of the onion net. A flashback to the brilliance of last season, the Mo magic. I almost broke my vocal cords, and it was hard not to get emotional when that overwhelming sense of belief hits you. It's the kind of brilliance that sets you apart from the rest, a moment we desperately needed. I will add as well, the counter attack and break which led to our goal, was intelligently set up by Hendo, who identified it was on and headed the ball to Mo at the first opportunity. After that our tails were well and truly up, the saints were drained and the result was never in doubt. It certainly wasn't when captain fantastic put the game to bed with a great finish with a few minutes left on the clock. A great knock by Matip, and an even better run by Bobby using his strength to gain possession of the ball, then turning the defender and putting it on a plate for the on rushing Hendo. Another game off the check list, another 3 points.

Again, it wasn't picturesque, it wasn't a performance that we will remember forever, but it could be a result that we will. Could this be one of those games that we look back on in a few years and say, "remember Mo's magic at St Mary's that sent us on the way to the title". With every game that passes we get closer and closer to that dream. This result against Southampton is so important because we now have 5 games left, and with no disrespect to our final 4 opponents, but they're very much games Liverpool should win. Skipping past Chelsea for a second, we have Cardiff, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Wolves. If you take a step back, and try look at that run in from a different point of view, say of a City's POV, you think Liverpool win all those games. Which means if Liverpool beat Chelsea at Anfield, Manchester City have to win every single one of their games. Game which include Tottenham, United, Burnley and Leicester. They can't afford to drop one single point, and that will be exhausting for them. In recent weeks it's been city who have had the easy run in, and Liverpool the more difficult, but the pendulum is about to swing, and with it the power for the claim of the crown. As a wise man always used to tell me, BELIEF! YNWA

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