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The Final Day

So here we are, the last game of the premier league season for 18/19 is amongst us, and with it, the chance for Liverpool to be crowned champions. It has been a remarkable season for the reds, we have experienced so many highs, and very few lows. As the current record stands, Liverpool have won 29 games out of 37, only losing one fixture in an away game against the defending champions. It's an unbelievable record, the kind you only see when playing FIFA on career mode, but for us it's been our reality. I think no matter what happens tonight, we can look back on this season with no regrets. There might be the odd few fans who bring up our draws, blaming them as the cause for our demise, but I just can't bring myself to fault this Liverpool side at all, like the mass majority. They have been as close to perfect as you can be in the football world, and to do it in this league is extraordinary. We have only seen two teams in the history of the premier league do this, and it's the two sides currently at the top. If anything, I would say the one thing we have to improve on, is our record against City for next season. Other than that, you would have to say same again boys.

I said a few weeks ago that with City's run in, they would drop points and if they didn't I would tip my hat to them and congratulate them. Don't get me wrong, I will still be devastated, but with Liverpool now having a champions league final to look forward to, it will hurt a lot less. Well, my hat is well and truly tipped to them, they have won every game since they took top spot, and come through some extremely difficult games, winning in different ways. I can't see Brighton getting anything from this game, but that doesn't mean I don't still hope and pray that they will. Regardless of what happens in their game though, it's a must win for Liverpool at home against Wolves. That's what Klopp will be saying to the lads, Go out there, enjoy your last home game for the season in front of these amazing fans, do everything you can to win, and if city drop points, we're champions, if they don't, well we celebrate a fantastic campaign, and have a great send off for Madrid.

This will be a difficult game against Wolves, they're a very talented outfit, the best side out of the top 6, and they will be coming to Anfield trying to disrupt the party. Align that with Liverpool having a huge encounter midweek with Barcelona, where they put everything they had into that game both physically, mentally and emotionally, it could smell trouble for the reds. I really do expect a battle, I don't think this is going to be a game where there's a few nerves until the first goal, and then it's smooth sailing to the finish line. I would love that to be the case, but this is the premier league, nothing is ever easy. However Anfield has been a fortress this season, and I can't see on the last game of the season with a potential premier league championship on the line, the fortress being sieged. I'm actually really looking forward to this game, to me it just feels like it's going to be 90 minutes of party and celebration, not on the pitch, but in the stands and in all the bars around the world. I'm just going to enjoy this game, with no pressure on us whatsoever.

That's the beauty of this champions league final, it has given us hope for silverware to remember this remarkable campaign by, and it might not be the league for another year, but it's just as big, if not bigger. I'm not just saying this because we don't have the outcome of league in our hands, and of course I would want both every day of the week, but if you asked me what would I prefer, the league or the European cup? I pick the latter. I just feel it's a lot more special, I don't know whether it's because of the famous nights we have experienced in Europe, and the premier league shortcomings have always scarred me, but we just have a romantic connection with that competition as a fan base don't we. I'd obviously love us to lift the premier league as well, I've never seen us be crowned league champions in my lifetime It's almost like this fictitious thing that only exists in my imagination. However the beautiful thing about winning anything is always the journey.

Liverpools journey this season in the league has been so special. I don't think City winning the league will take anything away from it in my heart or in my mind. I will always have those memories. Sturridge's late equaliser against Chelsea, Origi's goal against Everton, Shaqiri's brace against united, the Aldeirweireld own goal against Spurs, Salahs lightening break against Southampton, Salahs thunderbolt against Chelsea, Origi again against Newcastle. All of these moments will live on forever in our folklore, they're the memories only champions make. The history books might not record us as the winners, the trophy cabinet may not have another trophy to add to it, but in our hearts, I feel like we are. But look, it's not over yet, football can throw some curve balls at you at times, and Brighton can be a difficult side to play against. I do recall our previous encounter at the AMEX, only a Salah penalty was the difference in that encounter, and with a little bit of luck, Brighton could go one better. If that does happen, I just hope we make it count.

So tonight me and me old man will be watching the game at the supporters club, with our fellow reds situated here in Perth. It's going to be a night to remember regardless of what happens. I expect us all to be in full voice in support of our lads. Celebrating a fantastic season. If it is to be our destiny, if Henderson is meant to lift that trophy in front of the home fans at Anfield, well I'll be heading to the casino and putting me life savings on red. As for all the mothers out there, I hope for mothers day your have asked for the reds to be crowned champions.

C'mon you Redmen!!

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