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The Cavalry Arrives

With roughly 6 weeks left till the end of the season and everything still to play for, crunch time is well and truly upon us. If there is ever a time to have momentum and to be in form, it is right now. A few weeks ago it seemed like we didn't have many options in the squad. Majority of the starting 11 picked itself, due to injuries and out of form players. But in recent weeks we've seen a resurgence of a few forgotten stars. Lallana was a shock substitution to many, myself included, when he came on at Goodison park. A lot of fans questioned Klopp's logic, even more so when in the next fixture he was among the starting 11. Boy was we wrong. He put in a MOTM performance that day against Burnley, and was the catalyst for our two opening goals. Another player to step up and re emerge from the shadows was Divock Origi. A player who in recent games has played his way into that core squad of players. He's probably ahead of Shaq and Studge in the attacking pecking order now. Rightfully so, I've been very impressed with him, especially his attitude. He seems hungry and wants to help us in anyway he can, a trait which can not be underrated from a young player with an obvious talent. Lets not forget, it was divocks cross, which led to the corner for the eventual second ball into the box, in the 90th minute against spurs. We all know what happened next. Though even with these lads stepping up, it seems as though there has been a lack in depth. Hugely part to Shaqiri and Keita not being given opportunities to play. The reasoning behind this, only Klopp knows, but if we are to believe what has been told to us in the media, it's due to niggling injuries. The kind that are there, they can feel them and annoy them, but if absolutely needed, they can play through it. Is Klopp holding them back because he knows the real fight is only just beginning? I believe so. It's that time of the season when it's all up for grabs. Every single one of those lads will be chomping at the bit in training, just to get the opportunity to play in these games. Maybe the international break has given them just enough time to get over their injuries. Judging from todays photos from Melwood, it certainly seems that way, and they weren't the only faces on the training ground. Some long term absentees are edging closer and closer to being put back into the mix of consideration. Those names are none other than Joe Gomez, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and little Rhian Brewster. Three obvious huge talents, but more importantly, 3 big characters. I think it might be a stretch for the later names, to make any real impact on the field before the end of the season. But having them around the boys, working hard in training and hopefully making some cameos at the end of some games, can only be a good thing for this side. The big one for me is Gomez being back. I know Matip has looked really solid since he's come in, and built a great partnership with Van Dijk, but to be honest I think you could put a fucking scarecrow next to Van Dijk and he'd make it look good. He proved that when he took Sissoko and Son on by himself. For me, Van Dijk and Gomez is the real partnership, Joe was absolutely brilliant before he got injured. He was, in my eyes anyway, our player of the season up until that point. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off for the final few games of the season. Let's not forget, there are only 6 games left in the league, but there's every possibility we will have 5 games in Europe also, and if we have a fully fit back 4 of; TAA, Gomez, Van Dijk and Robbo, I can't see us not coming away with the results we want. We're heading into the final stretch now, when the battle is in its most gruesome form, and we need every single member of this squad to be up for it. Luckily for us, the cavalry has arrived. Lallana and Origi stepping up, Shaq and Keita ready to compete. Gomez, Ox, Brewster throwing their hats back in the mix. Oh and lets not forget Mo's best mate returning. Hopefully having Lovren back will get Mo firing on all cylinders like he was at this stage last season.

C'mon you reds! YNWA

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