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About Last Night

Words will never be able to explain the emotions we all went through last night. Hope and belief is such a beautiful feeling, and when that hope evolves into reality it's hard to express it in any other way than pure euphoria. I can't recall the amount of times I broke down into tears last night, the next door neighbours and folks across the road probably thought there was a lunatic on the loose in my theatre room. It was like a scene from split, going from crying, to cheering, to shouting, to pacing around the room with my head planted in my scarf. As I said, it's hard to put into words, but I don't need to explain that to any of you.

We said before the game that it was going to be a mountain to climb, but with the team we have, with Klopp at the helm, and in front of our fans at Anfield, anything was possible. A lot of things had to go right for Liverpool in this game, we had to take our chances when they came, we had to disrupt Barcelona from playing the way they wanted, and we had to of course keep a clean sheet. The later of that was achieved throughout the whole game, and we have no one to thank more than Ali for that. What an absolutely unbelievable game he had between the sticks, demonstrating to all of us (as if we didn't already know) that he was worth every penny. It goes to show the difference he has made to us this season, and another reason why we can go one better than last year in this competition. As for disrupting Barcelonas play, I think the crowd was always going to have a huge part in that anyway, but straight from the off, the lads showed they meant business. I think it was Milner within the first few minutes who went flying into Messi and won the ball, to start a quick break. You knew then that the lads were fired up for it, that they believed just as much as we did. But the main difference between Liverpool in the second leg, and in the first, was our finishing. The soon to be knighted, Divock Origi, who will be given a key to the city after his heroics yet again, gave Liverpool that much needed first goal, and set Anfield and the reds on course to what will surely be remembered as one of the greatest footballing comebacks of all time.

In my pre game preview I said that I would take a 1 nil lead at half time, and thats exactly what we achieved. All season Liverpools strength has come out in the second half. It feels like to me, that they size up the opponent and the occasion in the first 45, make their minor tweaks, and get at them in the second. The first substitute of the game was a forced one, Robbo being replaced by Gini, but what a replacement it was. Within ten minutes of being on the pitch the dutch maestro had scored a brace, bringing Liverpool level with Barca on aggregate. Part of me was jumping up and down in hysterics, the other part of me was thinking this is far too early. But it didn't matter, Barca were already blown away, they didn't have answer for what the lads were throwing at them, and Anfield was rocking. The momentum was with us, and it was only ever going to go one way from there. That didn't mean I wasn't absolutely shitting myself. I prayed to every fucking god there was for one more, I couldn't deal with going through extra time and possibly penalties. To my surprise, God answered my call. He took the physical presence of the most beautiful Scouse lad you've ever seen, darting a quick corner to a wide open King Div in the 18 yard box, who directed it into the top left bin and sent every red on the planet into a frenzy.

When the added time was announced to be 5 minutes, I couldn't watch. I couldn't bear to see them moving the ball around our box, but then Fabinho got away and was brought down for a free kick, and that was it. Two champions league finals in two years, WOW! The full time whistle brought with it an incredible wave of emotions which swept right through the whole stadium, the fans, players, coaching staff, and of course all the viewers from around the world, watching on their Tv screens. I must admit, I was an absolute emotional wreck when the Kop and the players sang YNWA together. If you can watch that without a dry eye, you should go and see a psychiatrist, because it doesn't get any more pure than that. What a moment. What a night. I'm so honoured to have witnessed that game happen, and there is no other club that could do it that way. We are the greatest club in the world, I don't care what anyone says. No other team could recreate that, but it's in our identity. It's in our veins, and it will be passed down from generation to generation for as long as this football club exists. People from countries all over the world will be talking about this game. At work today, lads I didn't even know was into sport yet alone football, was talking about it, in fucking Australia. Well thats our club, we're their fans. We are Liverpool, and this means more.

Absolutely buzzing, and it doesn't matter who we get in the final, we'll go all the way this year. One more game at Anfield this season, which is on Sunday, the final game of the premier league. What a way to head into that tie, one last hoorah before Madrid. An opportunity for the lads to go out there and demonstrate once again how brilliant they have been all year. We go out there to pick up another 3 points, and if the stars align we lift the premier league trophy, if not, we applaud our lads, serenade them in song, and send them off to Spain to bring back ol big ears! Fucking get in! Love these lads!

We've Conquered all of Europe

We're Never gonna Stop!

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