Born and raised in Kirkby, I was bred into this crazy world of supporting Liverpool Football Club. I moved to Australia with my family, leaving behind my city but never my love for it, for the people and most importantly my club. This blog is for all those Liverpool fans, living on the other side of the world, who wake up at ridiculous O'clock to watch the Redmen play. To those fans, who go to work knackered because they've had two hours sleep after screaming at a tv screen. To the fans who want more than anything to unload to their colleagues about their thoughts and feelings about this special club, but no one wants to hear. This is a place where you can come, and voice those opinions, to unload to the rest of the Liverpool community down here in Australia. I am not an established writer, nor have I ever studied or practiced writing/media. I am just an everyday red, who wants to share my thoughts and views, I hope you will also. Find your way to the forum, and start writing your own posts and articles.

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